Thursday, December 10, 2015

I'mmmmmm Baaack

I don't know that anyone even checks this blog anymore since I have been MIA for way too long. However, I have a little break tonight and so I am going to attempt some sort of catch up- but by starting with now and then hopefully posting catch up ones soon...ish.

We did trim the tree and Genevieve LOVED being in charge this year. Even the ones that went up high she was directing the placement of each one and was unhappy when I would place the more fragile ones (specifically a cinderella ornament that is glass) out of her reach on purpose. She has also spent too much time trying to reach said ornament...All delusions of having a "perfect" tree are kind of gone and I have let go of the idea that the ornaments should stay on the tree. I do try to limit her to one off the tree at a time but sometimes it is just not worth the fight.....

This is just proof of a great white elephant gift I made this year.....yea for emoji pillows.

And this is just proof that I still stalk my child late at night and occasionally take pictures of her sleeping.

The leaves this year have been very stubborn and have not wanted to fall off the tree. This is the second time I have raked leaves but this was hopefully the majority of them since it is supposed to snow tonight. This might be a bit of a picture overload of Genevieve playing in the giant pile of leaves, but its my blog right?

Monday, February 2, 2015


I was so close to being caught up and now I am that behind again- but just as a quick update.  Last week we took Genevieve into the hospital to have an ultrasound on her heart. We thought it was a pre-surgery ultrasound mostly to tell us what type of surgery was needed- either open heart surgery or whether they would be able to fix it with a catheter surgery via one of her veins.  She did did a great job during the ultra sound (seriously such a champ) and the news we got was that the hole closed up! So there is no need for surgery! WAHOO. She does still have a heart block and some of the tissue in her heart is bigger than it should be but it is a-symptomatic and shouldn't affect her at all. We do have to go back in 3 years to check and see if the heart murmur went away but YEA. That's all and hopefully I will be better at playing catch up and then staying on top of this blog, if for no other reason than to document the funny things that she does or says before they disappear.    

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in Review

I like doing a top ten of the prior year so that way I can recall things later...but after sitting here for several minutes, longer than I want to admit I am having a really hard time coming up with much of anything so apparently we worked a lot in 2014 sooooo turns out a lot of the good in 2014 was pretty mundane but there were a few good trips-

5. Trips to "T-Rex" or the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur Museum
4. Trip to Colorado, although it was mostly work, there was some fun time in the pool
3. Grandma Betty's 90th Birthday Party
2. Trip to Austin to visit the Fleischmans
1. Cutting back hours to hang out with Genevieve

Not our most glamorous year but its exciting none the less.

Sunday, November 30, 2014


We got back from Texas on October 30th and November was really my first month just hanging out with Genevieve by myself all the time. It was pretty fun and interesting to try and catch back up on all the household "chores" after being gone for two weeks. Seth and I went out to eat for my birthday and otherwise November was a pretty calm month... we did go to the Dinosaur Museum, attempted to go to the Museum of Natural Curiousity (only lasted about 15 minutes that day because it was CRAZY busy and not my scene).

I also decided that since I am not busy with work that every Friday I should take Genevieve into the office and eat lunch with Seth. I think he has liked it and I like that we do get to eat lunch at least once a week together.

November was also the month we did "Whole30."  Whole30 is like a paleo diet but even more extreme.  There is a corresponding book that explains why you should give it the 30 days and why the only things you eat are Veggies (but not soy), fruits, meat, eggs. So yes, no dairy, no grains of any sort (corn counts as a grain), and no sugar.  If you are debating about it, I would say do it for the 30 days and see. We did determine that Seth is quite dairy intolerent and he will not eat much dairy any more (other than the cheese on his pizza...) and that after no sugar for 30 days, all sugar tastes SUPER sweet and is almost unbearable. That does fade pretty fast though after you eat some sweets. I do find that although I still like sugar, I do eat less (possibly in part because there is less around the house as well) and am satisfied with fewer pieces.  Seth loved the diet (about 80% of the time) and so we will probably still eat fairly close to it most of the time. We won't be crazy strict about it, but we do like it and feel like it helped us be healthier.

Otherwise November was pretty uneventful.

Friday, October 31, 2014


I think that I am back to recapping one month at a time to try and catch up. The first of October was a bit crazy with my trying to finish up a project at work and getting ready to go out of town. Mhari's baby girl, Marin, was blessed in October and my whole family converged on her house to participate. I was lucky enough to stay for two weeks with Genevieve to just hang out and play. Genevieve loved having lots of playmates (Tyler, Andrew, Aunt Megan) and we had some fun times...see pictures for the proof.

Sunday, October 5, 2014


I am still going on about 4 months behind, but I need to start trying to get caught up again. I have been debating about how to write this post for the last month, unfortunately what to write still seems up in the air. So let me start from the beginning.

In August I started really feeling like Genevieve needed me home more than my one day a week.  I talked to the nanny and she wanted to start taking classes again and so suddenly I was nanny-less in the mornings like 3 days later. A little sooner than I was anticipating and probably more suddenly than work anticipated as well.  I talked to work and my understanding was that I was going on a "contract" basis meaning, they'd call if they were busy and needed me, but otherwise I would just finish up the work I had.  This understanding was maybe not universal amongst both the partners and I.

Three days into my new found status as a mostly stay and home mom I got a phone call and an urgent project. This lead to me working more in the month of September than I have since like January. Some transition to stay at home right? Working during naps, having other people watch her in the afternoons- working until midnight etc. Really it means that September was a looooong month. I am hoping that with the two weeks in Texas that October will be a bit more relaxing and that I do actually get to spend more time with Genevieve.  

So changes are coming, unfortunately, even after a month, I still don't really know what it means. I am hoping that I do still have some work, but maybe closer to 20 hours a week. Trying to work full time and take care of Genevieve mostly full time is way too much, even for me.

In the meantime, there are many things that I was hoping to be able to do more while at home including- you know basics cleaning- even maybe some of those deeper cleaning items that have been put off for the last year.  So here is the beginning of my list of all those things I a hoping to do (Seth will say it is too much and that I should just enjoy being with Genevieve, but all who know me, know that I need things to do I need to be productive so there is a second list- those things I would like to do with Genevieve.

List one:

1. Workout 5 times a week (always the first to go when I get busy)
2. Sew a bit more- maybe complete a few projects that have been around for more than a year
3. Play around with photography and get used to my lenses
4. change out my orange basement- I want to lighten it up
5. Deep clean the house- just one room at a time
6. Clean up the backyard- get rid of the weeds and grass in the flower beds/winterize it
7. Blog! I want to be better at memorizing life right now- particularly the fun things that Genevieve is doing
8. Read?!?! I am not sure that it is possible, currently if Genevieve sees me with a book she takes it away and replaces it with one of hers and tells me "read the book" so we'll see.

Second list
1. Start going to library story time once a week
2. Visit Thanksgiving point at least once a month
3.  Get Genevieve in either tumbling or dance or something to get her moving
4. Play dates- I am hoping to get her together with someone else her size once a week (is that totally unrealistic???)
5. and the unknown, I am not sure if I should try to plan more (and likely fail) or just learn to live life a little less planned.

I am sure Genevieve will not likely remember our outings, but I do hope that these early few years help build the relationship that we will carry us through the teenage years.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Oh May- how is it already August- as per other posts, here is a summary of May

The creeper pictures of my daughter sleeping :) how precious right?
 She was being such a ham playing with Seth's hat and playing peek a boo

May also brought warm weather and fun trips to the park...

This was posted on instagram but it still makes me laugh- she fell asleep like this- with the book pushed out under the door and fingers staying just like that- I did open the door until she moved her fingers, and then left her napping on the floor.
 Bedtime routine with dad- lots of books
 Trips to the store with mom and fun cuddles

And the real excitement of the month, we started potty training...she loved underwear even before we really started and tried to put on all 10 pairs at once.

And our little monkey, while waiting at the car dealership....

 One of our first trip to the Discovery fun!

 Her first real owie- she fell down the stairs and deserved an ice pack....

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