Thursday, December 10, 2015

I'mmmmmm Baaack

I don't know that anyone even checks this blog anymore since I have been MIA for way too long. However, I have a little break tonight and so I am going to attempt some sort of catch up- but by starting with now and then hopefully posting catch up ones soon...ish.

We did trim the tree and Genevieve LOVED being in charge this year. Even the ones that went up high she was directing the placement of each one and was unhappy when I would place the more fragile ones (specifically a cinderella ornament that is glass) out of her reach on purpose. She has also spent too much time trying to reach said ornament...All delusions of having a "perfect" tree are kind of gone and I have let go of the idea that the ornaments should stay on the tree. I do try to limit her to one off the tree at a time but sometimes it is just not worth the fight.....

This is just proof of a great white elephant gift I made this year.....yea for emoji pillows.

And this is just proof that I still stalk my child late at night and occasionally take pictures of her sleeping.

The leaves this year have been very stubborn and have not wanted to fall off the tree. This is the second time I have raked leaves but this was hopefully the majority of them since it is supposed to snow tonight. This might be a bit of a picture overload of Genevieve playing in the giant pile of leaves, but its my blog right?

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